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I came out of work the other day to find i had a headlight washer snapped off :crybaby:

I looked on cctv and it was a red lorry but it has no company name and cant see the reg

Where can i get one one these? Its the drivers side one

I also need a passengers side caliper carrier and slider

Thanks guys

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You could always try a breakers for those but the easiest would be to go straight to Lexus / Toyota parts and get some prices?

If you can fit them yourself that would be one option?

There are a few sites on the net that do the parts as well, but saying that I tried Lexuspartsdirect and they were quite a lot more expensive than I paid at the local dealers!

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Is the drivers side nearside or offside?lol

As said before i have a pair, waiting to hear about the n\s just know, so let me know if i can help.

Anyone know if there is any differebce betwheen the 2?

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Yea the nozzle has snapped off

I think i might pop down the dealers tomoz and get some prices

I am a nightmare tho and end up buyin stuff i dont really need! I bet i buy the smoked front and rear lights toreplace my chrome ones haha

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Tell me about it, I wanted a screw for the steering column and by the time I'd realised other stuff I wanted the total price went from about 13p to over a grand :crying: :D

Those lights do look good though mate!

I don't think parts are open Sundays though so you may have to wait til Monday now?

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