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Hi all, just googled you guys as i have just purchased a IS200 sport on a 53 plate.

a car i have loved the look of for a long time,a little under powered to what i normally drive,

i pick up the car tomorrow from the dealer.

can't wait to put a rear wheel drive through its paces as i haven't owned one since my old mk4 cortina!!

that was a while back,since then i have always driven vauxhalls,nice power units but handle like a bag of spuds lol.

is there anything i need to look out for with the car?

i have not searched your forums as yet,but what sort of performance upgrades work well with my new baby?

be good later ;)

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Welcome to LOC :)

Check to see if the cambelt has done as it's about time for that soon.

Performance wise there are allsorts of things, what sorts of gains are you after? NA you won't get too much, exhaust and free flowing panel air filter and you're already about maxed out - there are supercharger and turbo kits out there, the supercharger is a proper plug and play kit, but hard to get hold of now new - think TTE in Germany are the only place left selling them for nearly 5 grand!

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They revised the interval to 60,000 miles or 6 years - definitely worth getting it done or if that goes you're going to have a much bigger bill in comparison!

Having mine done with all the tensioners etc and it's only done 30,000 and 2 years since the last change but I'm getting other stuff done so it makes sense to get the belt done as well.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thankyou for the welcome guys.........

will post some pics of my new baby(is200 sport) soon,i washed it the weekend after all the salt from our freak weather and found after taking the car back to the garage to get the 18" wheels refurbished there was silver paint residue on the roof on the door,glass and pillar GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

As you can imagine i am not best pleased,didn't realize that the tellytubbies were old enough to work at a garage!

well she is going back to be sorted,fingers crossed that they can do a good job this time.

on another note my front bumber is not original,it has no headlight washers,could not see any tubing to feed where they should be..

maybe it has been front ended in its life or previous owner wanted a re-style. it has a lip on the bottom and sport sticker in it not on it,lol if you know what i mean,as if it supposed to be there.

do lexus make official kits for their cars?

cry,i want headlight washers,is it possible to get the bits to wash my headlights?

so many question...sorry....

p.s i love the car,it is an awsome piece of engineering

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Toyota do make kits for the car - have you got a picture of the car?

It could just purely be that it wasn't fitted with the washers from new - some other cars were like this, they even sold some of the IS300s with the TTE front bumper without the washers which made them an automatic MOT failure but for those cars they would retrofit them for free I believe, not sure about nowadays though as they're all old!

It may just be you've got a TTE bumper there.

That paint sounds a bit of a joke though, what garage was this?!

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I bought the car from Trade center Wales,they use another company that do the refurbishment work,sorry don't know who they are,they come to trade center wales to carry out refurbishment work on their cars(or so i am told)

will put some pics up after they sort it out,fingers crossed lol

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new update. they cannot remove the paint residue off the body work and now want give it a blow over

which won't be done for a couple of weeks,my misses has gone to pick it up from garage

seriously thinking of getting my money back as i am not confident that they are capable of professionalism in any thing these guys can do :(

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Sounds like it was just one of the many that didn't have the washers then mate, don't worry about that, from what I remember they would put them on for the IS300 owners but that was because they required it for MOT.

Personally I think they're crap and prefer it without - you could get away with it on the IS as they have that fantastic system controlled by pressure which forces them up - on the GS and Supras they're big bits of plastic just tagged on as an afterthought so was made up when I saw my car didn't have them :)

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cheers for the info.....

will keep an eye on tyre wear wozza

p.s the specialist company that refurbished my wheels(and screwed up the n/s paintwork) i am informed is car medic

i can think of a some other names lol....

jury is out with it all at the mo..big bosses negotiating......we will see what the future holds.

fallen in love with the car.really hope they will sort it(sad sheep deprived Welsh man i know ;) )

later guys

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