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Cambelt Change Intervals? When.

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Looking at all the service record tick sheets for my 2001 IS200SE, all the sheets say 6y/100k miles.

Looking through the receipts there is no record of a belt change upto 65k. Car has done 81k now, but there is a compliment slip from another garage saying oil/filter service at 77k so I'm happy that the fluids are good.

But on the cam cover there is a sticker saying that the belt was changed arround 42k in 2003.

Would it be normal to change the belt at such a young age and make no record of it. I have all the reciepts from Birmingham Lexus for services before, after and during 2003 and no mention of the belt/idler/tensioner at all, not even an advisory that it was worn.

Wonder why it was changed early, and does that mean I have another 20k before I need to do it again (allowing 60k from the last one), or should I get it done with the next service (due a full service anyway) as it has covered another 40k since it was done.

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Agree with Tommy.

Think there was some confusion in the translation of the original intervals from the JDM manual where it was 100,000Km/6 years this became 100K miles or 6 years in the UK manual! AFAIK the official interval from Lexus is now 60k miles/6 years 62K miles being about 100K Km.

Either way it is due as 6 years are up.

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give the dealer a call and see if they have any record of it.

It was revised down a tad from original manual due to something like the idler gear was wearing and causing the belt to move slightly, fraying the edges a bit.

I just have mine checked as mainly mileage will wear it rather than age - obviously age will have a factor due to the rubber compound degrading.

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I think I might get the cover off this weekend.

See what physical condition it is in.

I've contacted Lexus Parts Direct as I've bought from them before when I had my Toyota Celica GT4 from their Toyota branch, to see what the belt/idler/tensioner costs, and I'll give Charlesworths a ring and see if they are happy with me supplying the belt/other service gear.

I guess it can't hurt to make sure it is right can it.

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I just got all my parts cheaper from the dealer than I got quoted by Lexus Parts Direct! And I'm talking nearly 30 individual items at a cost of £1500 total!

Charlesworth are usually happy for you to supply the gear mate :)

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