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Honest Sat Nav Reply Required ?

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I have a Tomtom Rider V2 Europe which is a really excellent Sat Nav system for my bike, I can also use it in the car via a screen mount with a built in speaker, this is because the unit being designed for bikes, operates via a Bluetooth headphone/mic set.

But I also think it pointless having an inbuilt sat nav in the Lexus that doesn't cut the mustard, but £119 quid for an update CD !! Well its quite outrageous.

The question here is what would you guys and gals do ? Spend £119 on Lexus update CD `s or use a screen mounted Tomtom/Garmin in the LS400 ?

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I agree modern Tom Toms do more than the inbuilt Sat Nav in lexus. However, do you really need the latest disc? My disc is a few years old and in reality (I do lots of travelling) I have yet to have problems finding places. Also I prefer the inbuilt system as there are no wires / cradles to worry about or get nicked.

So if the LS400 really is old CDbased system I would go with Tom Tom else if it is DVD basd I would just use that.

My 2p worth!

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I would agree that the sat nav in my LS430 has it's limitations.

Even after upgrading to the latest DVD I cannot find some roads/places that I feel should be on there.

In addition the lack of post code functionality means this is probably an inferior system to the modern Tom Tom.

If the LS400 does indeed have a CD based system then I suppose that is even less effective.

I guess it depends on how much you actually rely on sat nav, like Rillo the whole cradle thing would sway me in favour of the inbuilt option.

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