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Reversing Sensors

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After seeing Darren's post about these reversing sensors that he got from Maplins I decided to buy a set myself, and for £29.99 you can't go wrong (still in the sale).

Here's a pic of what you get in the box.......I like that they put in the bit/hole cutter, nice touch.



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Robb...........Below is Darren's post from the other week when he fitted his, he did a terrific job and that inspired me to go buy them and give it a go.......

........although drilling the bumper is something I'm not looking forward too

Darren's Install

Sprayed the visual screen on mine Satin Black today (this is the screen that gives you a count down in centermeters) as the dull grey it came in looked nasty, should look okay when it's installed now:



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Wozza......glad you asked, answer is not yet, the reason? Some half wit at Halfords!

I wanted a can of mixed paint to colour code them before fitting them, so went to Halfords (yeah I know that I should have known better!!! Eeesh)...First assistant (spotty) couldn't find the colour even with the year/make/colour name/colour code (8N8), of course at this point I should have walked out, but, you know what it's like when you want to get something done. So assistant No2 gets called, he's the more cocky one..."Yeah mate I'll have that done for you in 20 mins", so I go for a wonder, come back. pay £11 and go home.

Next day I've rubbed the sensors down, primed them, and they are ready to go with the top colour coat......I started spraying and thought they looked a tad dark, but thought it was just me.......3 coats went on, left for 24 hrs, then the 3 coats of lacquer.

They looked the Mutz Nutz.......until I held them against the bumper, yup way too dark!! Now I guess some people would have made do, but I wasn't happy and so rubbed them all down again and reprimed them.

I found another auto paint shop on the net and risked it with them too, fortunately the can they sent me looked a much match.......but of course now I'm back at work, plus the snow/cold, so I have to wait a week or so before I can start again.

I did make a strong plastic bracket for the numerical screen, used a 90 degree piece of tough plastic that I cut from a Saxo glove box (we have scrap cars in our yard to train with so it came in handy). I cut it to size, removed that bottom section that holds the heated seat and TRC/Snow buttons, and used two small screws to make a strong bracket to fix the screen to. I didn't want it vibrating or coming off if I knocked it, this way it's solid. I'll get some pics up asap.



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Sorry to here about the fine mess "the car shop that shud never be named" got you into.... Where did you eventually source a decent paint match from?... My paint code is also 8n8 Dark blue Mica, looking to re-spray a Sports Grille when i get my hands on one, and like you i'd rather not entrust the job to the chimps that work there....


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Fiz.......There is a guy on Ebay who sells Sports Grills and will paint them for you as well, think they go for £60.

However if you want to send away for some paint then try these guys, I found then really quick with good communication (emails). See the 400ml mixed paint link half way down the page on the right hand side:


Of course I should have tested a small piece of plastic with the first can from Halfords, but for some reason trusted it to be right!

I've just lacquered the sensors today and they look good, just need time to fit them now.


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Cheers for the link,

Yeah i had a look on ebay but inc postage it would of set me back over £70 and the guy at the dealership could get me one that was a fairly close paint match for just £40, so i was willing to respray it if really needed it.

Hope the weather improves for you, could you post some phots when ur finished as its on my to-o list as well...


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Non probs mate, I'll get some pics.

Oh, I was told by a guy who sprayed part of my bonnet that there are 5 varients/shades of 8N8. However before I had my TTE bumper fitted I has a Sports grill sprayed at a body shop and it was bang on.


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Okay 5 months later and I finally get around to fitting my Parking Sensors. I followed the advice on here and it was pretty simple really, even drilling the bumper (my biggest worry) was not as frightening as I thought it was going to be.

First I wanted to wire in the LED Display, so I made a strong plastic bracket from an old scrap glove box from a Citroën we had sitting in the yard at work waiting to be cut up. All I needed was a piece with a 90 degree to fit behind the LED Display and allow me to secure it to the bottom of the trim where the Heated Seat/Snow/TRC switches are. I cut a piece of plastic to make the bracket and screwed it to the trim, making sure that I was nowhere near the 3 switches, then topped the screw tips with Hot Glue for safety. I aso used a dab of Hot Glue behind the bracket to hold the wire up out of the way. The LED Display was fixed to the bracket with the adhesive pad attached to the rear of it, I now had a strong secure fixing see pics:





Now I feed the Main Control Box wire from the LED Display under the drivers side dash, down past the fuse box in the drivers footwell, along the inside of the sills to the rear seat. Behind the rear seat you can pass the wire through a ready made hole where the OEM Wiring Harness passes, no need to remove the back of the seat. You only need to pull the side of the seat out a touch to get the wires through, then into the boot area. Here I fixed the LED Display Main Wire to the OEM Harness with cable ties to keep it smart and out of the way, see pics:



Then I made the 2 connections from the Control Box to the Reversing Light (Live & Earth) with Scotchlock connectors and taped them up securely. Red from the Control Box goes to the Red/Blue wire in the OEM Harness, and the Black wire from the Control Box goes to the White/Black in the OEM Harness. This connection is made inside the boot area just before the OEM Harness passes through the grommet onto the Light Cluster:


I measured where I wanted the Sensors, approx 22cm up from the groove where the TTE bumper is attached (Don't measure from the ground, especially if you are parked at ther side of the road on a camber!), approx 41cm between the sensors. I placed masking tape on the bumper in the correct places and marked with cross hairs, then used 4 x 10 pence pieces Blue Tac'ed to see if they looked right......If they don't look right they probabley are not so move them. I must have measured at least 10 or 15 times to make sure my positions were right.......It's too late once you start drilling!


The holes are then drilled with the Bit that came with the kit, steady as you go and all will be okay, just let the drill do the work and don't put too much pressure on the Bit. I did first time and when the Bit went through the Bumper I almost scratched be careful! The Sensors are then fitted, passing each wire along to the next hole and finally to just under the O/S Rear Light Cluster, where they can pass up from the Bumper and into the Boot area via the OEM Grommet behind the light (you need to make a small hole in the grommet):


Then tidy the wires by attaching them to the OEM Harness again inside the Boot area, then connections to the Control Box can be made:


Finally I tided up the wires and used the supplied Velco strip to attach the Control Box in the large area where the Sat Nav would sit if I had one:


I had already Colour Coded the Sensors prior to fitting them (see earlier in the thread):


Stand back and admire your handy work :)


Now I must say I'm quite impressed with this Sensor Kit, I was expecting to be driven mad by the OEM Reversing beep plus the beep from the kit, but not at all as the Sensors only beep when they are 1.5m from an object. The kit makes a slightly higher pitch which is not too bad, plus the LED Display counts down in 10 cm's, then goes to 00.00 when there is approx 4 cm gap. Overall I'm very pleased and think they look pretty good.


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I know this is an old post but I saw this some time ago and saved it in my favourites for when I eventually fit a set of rear reversing sensors.

The question I have, and I'm not sure whether or not Cous3 (Keith) frequents these forums still, is whether the rear bumper needs to be removed to fit the reverse sensors. I've read through Keiths instructions several times and I can't see anywhere that says to remove the bumper. I have had a look on the car and I can't see that it is possible to fit the sensors and run the wiring behind without removing it!! I've also done a lot of searching on the forums and I cant find the answer to my question.

I've just ordered a kit and will be looking at fitting soon so if anyone knows the answer, or if indeed Keith reads this, then can you advise.

I know how to remove the bumper, found the how-to on here, but I don't want to go through that if I don't need to.

Many thanks,


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Did you spray the sensors with just normal car spray??

Also did you run all four wires throw the same side???

Also mine does not have the display mine beeps at me, does anyone know how to go about disconnecting the thing that beeps when the car is in revers???

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