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Kestrel Das-6 Da Or Meguiar’s Da G220

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Hi detailers, cleaning polishing finishing guru's,

For a long time now I have always used blood, sweat, tears and elbow grease to make our cars look fantastic, or so I thought. Pressure washer to clear off all the :tsktsk: , warm water wash with a good car shampoo, rinse and shammy dry after a quick bash around the block and wax ( turtle wax ) polish and gloss guard to finish. Swirls and super fine imperfections thought to be par for the course for all my troubles.

I am now thinking the arms and spine are most certainly not as good as they used to be and the thought of electro mechanical help is quite appealing especially if the results are to be better than arm power alone. Speed/time isnt really an issue, I do have the time and want to do the best job possible to make it shine!!

Looking through the detailing section on the LOC two names seem to pop up regularly, the Meguiars G220 & the Kestrel DA S-6

Q1 : Any thoughts appreciated on the best machine ( 2 spare motor brushes shipped with the Kestrel automatically worries me, are they expecting it to pack up ? ) my days of taking toys apart and hope of seeing if I could put them back together and have them working have long since gone. They never worked again, Ive learnt my lesson.

I have two cars, a Land Cruiser (kids taxi) in dark Blue and a Sable LS. Paintwork on the LS is excellent but doesnt look stunning and average on the Land Cruiser (Grundon) given it has lived outside for the last three years and has four children abuse it and a wife who takes pleasure in driving through as much mud as she can find. Guess what, she's never cleaned it either !!

Q2 : Can I use the same polishes/wax/sealant on both cars ?? I would much rather be VERY conservative and leave a few marks on the Land Cruiser, I dont want to take any chances with the LS !!! Any help. hints and tips, idiots guide to machine polishing, and best mix of products to be used etc etc you can share with me to safeguard our paintwork would be most gratefully appreciated.

Big thanks to Jim (jsj24uk) !! your thoughts, advice very much appreciated, I look forward to seeing your beautiful LS.

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As well as asking on here, I'd suggest asking on the Detailing World forums, since there are loads and loads of guys there who use machine polishers.

Thanks Stevie, have been reading up as much as possible at the moment, I never thought I could be intimidated by something until recently I thought I had a pretty good handle on.

All the best.


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Q1 : Any thoughts appreciated on the best machine ( 2 spare motor brushes shipped with the Kestrel automatically worries me, are they expecting it to pack up ? )

I wouldnt, quite a lot of motor based stuff comes with spare brushes. from what i have read u cant beat the price value of the kestrel and the results are the same as the G220- keep in mind the G220 has a reputation for breaking!

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