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How Do I Check Automatic Transmission Fluid?

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Sorry if its been covered on here before but I cant seem to find anything clear regarding the auto box fluid. Was having a look over the car earlier and had a look at the auto fluid level but how do I know if the fluid is dirty? What colour should it be when clean and when it needs changing? Also if I need to change it then how do I go about doing this? Can I do it myself or should I get a garage to do it?

I normally pay £20 labour on my civic to have oil/filter/sparks changed so roughly how much would it be for the auto fluid on the lex?


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There's a bit of info here:

I just bought 10 litres of ATF-IV from Toyota and it's part no 08886-82025 - they may see it come up on their system as power steering fluid but that code is the right one :)

Mine was changed last week - the old stuff was black and the new stuff is red.

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Can anyone provide a step by step on how to do it with pics if possible as if I can do it myself then I will try otherwise having the information to hand would be good when I take it to the mechanic to get it done. I'll check the fluid again either later today or tomorrow and decide if it needs to be changed but judging by the age of my car I think it may need to be done.

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