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Windows Vista


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Ive been having some problems with my pc, its running vista home premium, and it seems to take a long time to start up.

Once its up and running its fine, and closes down ok.

Checked for the fault in the performance bit and it says about switching off transparency, which ive done, and the wallpaper image may be too high resolution, so ive changed that to a standard windows desktop, but still the same,

Any ideas ?

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sounds like you got stuff starting up when you turn on (bugs, spyware and etc)

have you try the normal checks ie spyware / virus checks

if so

try "hihack this"..... help find out what you find whats firing up on start up

p.s vista is 5hite

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Hi there

Vista loads up programs into memory that is 'thinks/predicts' you are going to use whilst booting up - think this is called Prefetch.

Does it run ok once up and running ?


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Just an update on this, i did a system restore, back to the end of december, which is when i seem to remember it was ok.

I couldnt see anything obvious downloaded that was wrong when i went back through the list of restore points, but after the restore, its all ok again now.

So thankyou to everyone who gave me some advice, i will be upgrading ram memory soon anyway though, just to make the running a bit quicker.


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