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Dash Polish?

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howdy do all.

The new sat nav i brought off ebay has a few scratches on it, the rest of the dash is mint and the tray is now bothering me cus its just not perfect. My question for you good fellows is, is there any product that stains the days like a sort of paint as such? polish just cleans it but i want to try and cover the scratches.

I await your wisdom

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When I bought my first IS the dealer removed a car kit from it and there were holes in the dash that they'd filled up and painted - might be worth giving them a quick ring and be cheeky and ask what they use as it was a perfect match!

Assume they do this for a lot of cars that go in before they sell them?

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I've had surprising results getting rid of scratches using Autoglym Leather Care on plastics - mind you it was the wifes Almera. Also, worth a thought, I use a matt finish interior spray cleaner/polish for the insides - maybe a matt finish will help hide the scratches - bit like painting your house, gloss shows up all the imperfections, matt hides them.

Good luck


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