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Anybody Used These Guys?

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Have any of you guys had any dealing with this company???

I am about to buy something and don't want to end up getting scammed out of my hard earned cash!

Any feedback greatly appreciated... :winky:

By the way, I am interested in that Nintendo DS deal for my little girl, Tis her Birthday in a week!

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If your buying a DS lite off the net be very careful as theres a shed load of fakes about, i manage a indie games store and we get loads of people coming in who have had probs with the screens going wrong but more worrying is the chargers that the fake ones come with get too hot and could burn someone or something, we have heard of 2 people that have had shocks from them!!

This iv never heard of, but would just be very dubious of someone selling all that gear for that price, if he paid the same rate as i would have for all that stuff he stands to make a loss of over nearly £80!!

So unless it nicked id say its FAKE!!

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It does seem very cheap to be fair!

When I picked one up for a present I ended up getting one from Toys'R'Us of all places as they were the best value for money plus it was the easiest option if any problems occurred.

Also, look into picking up an R4 or an NDSTT card as they come in useful!

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