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Hey guys!

As youve guessed, im new to the forum! please dont kick me out just yet! lol

Im currently looking at buying a IS200. Got about £3000 to spend. Been looking on auto trader and if im lucky im looking at getting a 51 reg with about 90k on the clock!

Basically i just want some advice on what to look for when buying one? also if someone would be so kind as to explain to me the difference between trim levels? S, SE, Sport etc

Are there any particular problems that is200's suffer from?

I have got more questions but will wait for a while. sure you dont want me asking too much at them moment lol.


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Welcome to LOC :)

I think they all come with half leather interior - only the last IS200s had full leather, the SE had 17 inch alloys and a better headunit, and then the Sport had the alloys and headunit and more metal bits, ie kickplates and pedals as well as tints at the back and lowered suspension.

Apart from that they're all pretty much identical I think.

Problem wise some have clunkier gearboxes than others, you get used to that though by adjusting your driving style, the alloys pit after a couple of years and need refurbing, err3 on the cd player so it's an expensive fix or just go aftermarket.

Apart from that the usual things really, cambelt needs doing after 6 years or 60k - make sure they've had that done as it's expensive, also look out for coolant leaks in the engine as that's telltale signs that the water pump is leaking - can be an expensive job to get done at Lexus, but not so bad at a local garage :)

Ask as many questions as you like fella, there are plenty of people here who will be more than happy to help!

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Cheers bud!

Yeah i really wanted one with full leather. but cant be too picky!

Im lucky in that my old man was a mechanic for 21 years. so unless there electrical problems (requiring OBD equipment) theres not much we cant sort out!!

So i take it apart from the supercharged model, the sport is the one to look for?

Was supprised at insurance as well. im only 17 with nearly 1yrs ncb and its 1400 quid (expensive it sounds but im currently paying over 2k for a peugeot 106!!!!!!)

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I knew I'd ***** something up :lol:

There are quite a few interiors on ebay at the minute in the half leather going for about 250 quid - not sure what the markets like but not sure if an SE or Sport at the same age and milage would be going for much more difference than that - but if you get a bargain that's always an option :)

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good good. what i like to hear!!!

Yes i have a prefered colour. dont know what its called but its a deep metallic blue colour. either that or black. Also would prefer a black interior.

Nothing in particular that im after. just want a nice example of what i think its a sexy car! lol

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There are two blues mate, I think one was called Canterbury and the other I can't remember!

There was an immaculate one for sale on here the other day but think it was about 6.5k?

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The other one is Sapphire Blue mate ( dont worry Aido, i'll watch your back mate :lol: ),

As long as you don't try and bum me when you're stood behind me that's ok by me :lol:

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