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Importing Aristo, Fuel, Bpu


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my budget is tight

i decided to import an 1997-2000 aristo v300 with less than 100.000km.

i heard about the first cycle had some problems with brake master cylinder.if i had a problem like this, can i replace the brake master cylinder with one of the latest model?

what is fuel consumption city ?please give me km/l .

my country uses 95ron fuel. what kind of boost should i run?

what kind of power can i expect if i add cat back exhaust, air filter and small intercooler?

do i have to delete the cats?noise?

should i replace the air filter with performance panel filter or cone?

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I'm not sure if the brake master cylinder can be replaced with the other one?

There are some figures on consumption here:;#entry550813

Personally I've seen up to 400 miles on one tank on the motorways and as little as 180 with all stop / start city driving - think the tank is around 70 litres or so? Not sure of the exact size but assume it's somewhere between 65 and 75 litres!

Boost wise thta could be a problem - these are supposed to run on 100 RON fuel so you may have to add additives to your fuel to prevent damage occurring under high boost - although you may find it safer to get an ECU and have it mapped proprely for the lower octane fuel? Saying that I run it on 99 RON fuel and it's been ok!

Power wise I'd say if you take the cats out as well as put in a restrictor ring and limit boost to over a bar then you'd be looking at 350bhp - but then again that's with good fuel so running 95 RON may impact that?

Leaving the cats in will cause the EGTs to go through the roof at high boost which will kill performance

This is mainly a UK forum but you may be worth asking the same question over on Club Aristo as there may be some members from your part of the world who can comment better on that side of things? The site is

As for the air filter, personally I'd go with a performance panel filter as the cone filter is right above the manifold and turbos and therefore will get a lot of heatsoak unless you sort out some ait ducting from the headlight area etc?

Good luck with the purchase and be sure to get some pics up and let us know how you get on :)

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