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Is300 Throttle Response


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Just wondered, when I start off rolling, then squeeze the pedal (usual auto box), I get a lag before the power kicks in a couple of seconds later....once it goes it keeps on going. It's just like the turbo lag I had on my old FPT Saab, but obviously it isn't !! Is this normal on the 300 ? Maybe it's because it's an auto ?

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well i did this last weekend i used an old plastic 'C' clip from my rc cars shock and hey presto its done the hardest part was folding myself into the footwell and then clip its so easy, response is much much better, although when the car is first switched on from cold the revs sit at around 1500rpm but soon drop down when it warms up down to about 500rpm i may try a smaller 'C' clip to see if the revs improve from cold start, and wheel spin kicks in quick if your not careful but it seems all good so far!

has anyone else done this yet?? how are you getting on with it?

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so how you getting on with this mr Hando, i've found that it doesnt really affect every day normal driving, but then when stood still and then plant your foot the car litterally takes off with absolutely no hesitation and if not careful it will eat the rear tyres quicker

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Yeah I did this the other night - I used a C-Cut section of radiator hose held in place with a cable tie.

Super-easy install.

TBH the difference is not enormous and I can't tell how much could be placebo effect, but it definitely feels more responsive/more immediate.

One thing - you definitely feel more engine vibration through the pedal (which I presume is why they put the spring system in in the first place) - but I actually really like that :)

Out of 10 I'd give it an 8 for effect and a 10 for ease/price ;)

If any 300 users want a cable tie and a section of radiator hose - I had to buy a lot more than i needed so drop me a pm.

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