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Setting The Parking Brake On An Rx 300 - Mk2

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Hello folks,

Just replaced the back discs and pads on the RX 300 - 54 ( Oct 2004) plate.

Using the Lexus brake service instructions pasted onto this site, I looked at the cable set-up, but they are for the MK1 version. Most things are similar EXCEPT taking off the undertray that covers the parking brake cables, there are no adjusters anywhere in the visible cable linkage and there doesn't seem to be a cable adjustment available on the foot pedal.

The shoes are good - well within tolerance and the parking brake is behaving better than before, but not holding the car correctly on a slope.

The only adjustment I can now figure is opening up the ratchet adjuster inside the hub to open out the shoes to within an acceptable limit to allow the pre-set travel on the foot pedal to operate the parking brake sufficiently to hold the car on a hill.

Doesn't seem sensible to me, but after working with Japanese folks for many years, nothing is beyond their thought process.

Is there another cable adjustemnt that can be done to bring the shoes up closer to the drum or is it indeed the ratchet adjuster tweak only?

Look forward to hearing back from the cognesenti.

Thanks and best regards,


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The parking brake should travel between 5 and 7 clicks to be fully and correctly engaged.

Mk2 models (2004 year on) are fitted with a cable adjuster and locknut at the pedal end of the assembly.

Hope this helps.

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