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Bit of a strange one but has anyone got any pics of a 1999 GS300 under the bonnet? Before I took mine into the local Lexus garage I could have sworn there was a cover of some sort that went over the engine (sort of a soundproofing thing). Picked up the car and drove it for a couple of weeks, then topped up the screenwash and it's not there. Now I'm not saying it's been taken but I really thought there was a cover so I could do with a picture to refresh my memory and also explain to the garage exactly what I think 'may' be missing.

(I have contacted the garage already and they deny everything by the way but no-one else has been under the bonnet.)

Thanks in advance.

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This is getting very strange: the second image from the later model is exactly what I had on the car - large plastic cover. The car went into my local Lexus garage for an MOT and a wheel alignment a short while back and beforehand had the cover. After I got the car back (sameday) I drove it for a few weeks and only noticed the cover was missing when I filled up the screenwash. No-one else, either me or a garage has been under the bonnet since the MOT. What's stranger is that there is no reason to remove the cover for an MOT which is the excuse the garage is sticking to and it basically means it is my word against theirs.

I know I didn't imagine an engine cover because my wife commented on it when I first bought the car and it was definitely there before it went in for its MOT.

Looks like I'm going to have to stump up for a new one...and also change Lexus garage to another one.

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You vehicle would not have come with one when new so either somebody has added it or it has had a replacement engine. Either way it isn't required, you may not want to purchase one when you find out the cost from Lexus. I'm sure it will be expensive.

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I can only assume the previous owner added it but it definitely had one - you can't imagine these things and then have your wife confirm she saw it there too!

I think we're talking around £150 for a new one. The money isn't the issue - it's the frustration of having to explain it to the garage and knowing I'll never be able to prove it!

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