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Just thought I would list the history I've had for 86K and three years use. I'm not complaining but if I was buying one brand new for the first time I'd like to see a post like this. I have the base model - no MM or sat nav and having driven one with don't miss it.

1. Drivers footrest broken - being replaced under warranty

2. Passenger front door bottom seal on door entrance has come loose

3. Engine knock on start as per the tech doc- fixed 18 months ago

4. Engine splutters on cold start - almost like carby engines of old- yet to be addressed

5. Rattle from front brake calliper slides fixed once but back

6. replaced front discs at 47K - used Toyota Kluger discs as same but heaps cheaper

7. 3rd set of tyres last changed at 80K. Running top of the line Toyos as better grip than original Bridgestones in the wet

8. Rattle in sunroof - loose cable- fixed 2 years ago

9. Both batteries in remotes just replaced

10. Horrible stink from A/C when new - fixed after 3 attempts

11. 3rd set of brake pads just fitted

Fuel economy has been pretty consistent at about 8.5 litres per 100K mixed freeway and local use

I'm overall happy with the car. The service has been good but I have had to be persistent. Most of the issues listed are fair wear and tear and the average service bill about $300 AUD - major services $600 minor $200

Very few rattles apart from the caliper slides. Good solid car but I'll never buy black again! Every dent shows as the stupid ****ers used a white primer.

Still great to drive, handles very well and the auto 6 speed is pretty good with the odd clunk at low speeds

I hope this helps someone make a decision. Value for money is excellent

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Well done, thanks for taking the time. Comes across as honest and informative and just what prospective owners need to see.

For us in the UK it's approx 54000 miles and not exactly trouble free. Be good if other owners do the same. Glad you like the car.

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