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Vvt-i Tuning


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im new to this forum due to my recent purchase of a IS200 sport Xreg (plus loads of spare time at work!).

I have seen many discussions relating to the adjustment on the VVT-i tuning. i have seen one unit which is the "Power Enterprise CAMCON VVTi iVtec Vtec Cam Controller" but it seems to be only the is300 which is supported along with some newer models.

I havent modified my lexus in anyway so its just a standard sport. just seems a waste of power until u hit 4500rpm. seem like you always have to be driving on the line to benifit. if it was to kick in at about 3000rpm i would find it much better!

im not very technically minded so keep it simple if you can!

thanks all!


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The camcon will tune your VVTI but you won't get massive power gains. A couple of members have used it I think and the general response is it can make the car feel more responsive and lower the VVTI threshold.

I am sure someone with it fitted will answer your questions better though as I have not had one but I did look into various options a while ago.

Welcome to the forum!!

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The camcon will work on the IS200 and you can bring the torque in lower down with it. However i'm not sure how much benefit you will get and it will drink more fuel. You'll need the camcon tuned on a rolling road for best results.

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If you speak to Mark Catchpole at TDI, he is really helpful on Lexus tuning. If you use the Camcon with the Datasek Unichip you can make the car far more "driveable" It isnt always about BHP and this can make the car more responsive for not a lot of money. If you want to upgrade the suspension without losing ride quality you can go for the Eibach springs and roll bars, this really improves the handling with hardly any difference on comfort.

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