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If You Didn't Drive An Rx - What Would You Have?

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I'm in the situation where I am self employed and there are some perks to changing cars on a regular basis. I have a 2 year old RX350 and really like it, but I am thinking about changing it, but for what?

I like the fact the RX350 has permanent four wheel drive, useful for living up on the Pennines with ths snow we just had. I am not convinced that a 400h would be quite the same in use, although the extra fuel economy would be good. Saying this, surely it is a bad time to buy a new RX when the 450h is around the corner (but only after Lexus GB has moved all of its 400h stock)?

I have looked at other SUVs:

1. Range Rover Sport - big and brash, and the interior does not look too great IMHO. Build quality is a bit suspect in places too. Performance wise, the biggest diesel (3.6) would probably be outgunned by an RX350

2. VW Touareg - nice car, but there are areas that make it feel 'cheap' such as the side cupboards in the boot. Shutting the door seems to give away that it does not feel as solid as the Lexus

3. Volvo - XC90 - just not my cup of tea, and a bit sluggish too with less than 200 bhp

4. BMW X5 - expensive and dull looking on the inside. Everything is extra so it starts to get costly when speccing one up. Plus point is they have good residuals, minus point is that they are still expensive second had

5. Audi Q7 - massive thing. Nicer on the outside than the inside. It seems you can have any colour interior, so long as its black - when I prefer light coloured interiors

So...back to Lexus. Could have a look at the GS450h uber saloon, once I can get over the fact that I don't have 4x4 or the capacity to thow an old fridge in the back (or even a suitcase as the boot is smaller than the petrol only GS). But overall, I am struggling to the extent that I am thinking of trading my RX350 in for....another RX350....because I can't think of anything else that seems right. But would that be madness? They don't make the RX350 anymore, and the Mark 3 RX will only be arriving on our shores in hybrid guise, and I could be setting myself up for mega depreciation all over again. Is it worth it? :-/

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What a puzzle!

I would stay with the current RX350 if you are still happy with it. Although they are depreciating, it must be cheaper to keep the car than change it.

I tried moving from an RX to the GS450h, I changed my mind within days and ordered an RX again - I could not cope with the ride on rough surfaces and the boot seemed to fill up with a brief case and a computer bag! After all the room of the RX, the GS450 felt too cramped. It is a powerful machine and good to drive on motorways but not being a speed freak, the whole experience left me underwhelmed. I would have faired better in a standard GS, which has a proper boot, but the CO2 emissions were higher and Red Ken was making horrifying noises about £25 congestion charges at the time!

If you must change the RX350 then try RX400h, or better still the LS600h. That is the only car I would change my RX400h for at present!

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Tricky one this. When I bought my RX it wasnt really looking for a SUV - just something comfy, reliable and good brand image :) For me the only other two cars that came close were the GS300 and the BM 5 Series (both petrol)! I had a 5 series before so wanted to go back but the price point for the spec i wanted wasn't quite there.

I must say the new LS has REALLY grown on me too. Maybe next time...

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If you really had to change the RX350 and didn't want an RX400h due to it not being a proper 4-wheel drive all the time I personally would look at the X5 3.0D. Great diesel M57N engine and good to drive. If you consider a remap you can increase the power and economy too - a lot of talk on the BMW forums about it) The RX range in my personal opinon is great crusing about, but the X5 would be a more involving drive; however it depends on what you are after. I get bored driving my mums RX300 because of its autobox and the way it rolls in the corners (but then I am used to lots of power and harder stiff suspension so not fair to compare) but my mum loves the car dearly!

Also IMHO:

Audi Q7 - MASSIVE TANK and in my local area most seem to be driven by the local drug dealers. I know a few going cheap actually from a Leasing company...... a friend of mine buys them to sell on.

Range Rover Sport - Very nice car (when it works!) but again bad drug dealer image.

However, if you are happy with the RX350 then you may as well keep it. :D

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If you are talking new, then I don't think you can beat an RX. They are truly very easy cars to live with and on genuine reliability and comfort they are unparallelled. I know that the market says otherwise, but I think this is a hugely underrated vehicle and Hybrid aside, does exactly what it says on the box.

Yes the Audia/BMW/Merc are 'nice' but they are different beasts. And your analysis on each is pretty much about right. The only thing I could suggest is perhaps you look to downsize to something like a Q5? Don't know. The RX spoils you and you really appreciate its qualities when its gone!

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Thanks guys.

I took a look at a Mazda CX-7 today. It bears an uncanny resemblance to an RX350, certainly in the metal it looks like and RX clone. Has a 2.3 turbo engine giving around 240 bhp and there was one in the dealers, unregistered, marked down from £25K (list) to £20K. But....

You can tell the difference in quality of the trim, and the amazing equipment list on the RX goes way beyond. So the Mazda is like a really cut down RX that would look good on the motorway, but you can see why it costs so much less when you are inside it. Great car (on paper anyway, I didn't drive it) for £20K on an 09 plate.

On balance, I think the RX350 is great, and I'm disappointed that Lexus won't launch the new RX as a permanent four wheel drive petrol only version in the UK, but I can see their logic and know I'm a rare breed. Guess I will look around at nearly new 350s and see if there is a deal to be done, otherwise I will stick with the one I have. Or import one from Japan?

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I'll be sticking with my last of the Mk1 RX300SE for another 3 years until early retirement beckons, I have now found an extremely relaible and very reasonable Lexus specialist very close for servicing and I reckon it'll cost me £160 per month depreciation over its life from its original used purchase price......I am assuming I will get around £3K for it upon sale.

Then I will seriously look at either a BMW X5 diesel/petrol or downsize (its a relative thing :lol: ) to a Landrover Freelander diesel auto........I will NEED the 4WD where we are retiring to......and won't be too fussed about running economy.

But judging by my past experience with main dealers the BMW is top of the a very long chalk!

Best regards David

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Really happy with my RX300 it is so practical for carrying the family and associated stuff, golf clubs, trolley, cases etc. Had there not been a recession I would have been likely to change it, top of the wish list is a used Maseratti Quotroporte. :whistling:

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I have same problem - can't think what would replace my 350 RX!!

has to be 4wd

has to have front and rear parking sensors and rear camera

has to be auto

has to be 0-60 under 9 seconds

has to have leather, sunroof, sat nav, good stereo, leccy seats the works

mmm X5 but very expensive

Audi allroad - nice but harsh suspension

Volvo V60 - nice but crappy engine


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