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Kitt's Red Light Scanner Bar On An Is


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Been there done that i'm afraid :whistling: Got 3 points a £90 fine and had to get my old car re- MOT'd, bit OTT me thinks for a set of flashing lights :blink:

Happend at 3am one Sunday morning on one of my drives that i used to go on! there wasnt another car on the road at the time and all i saw was a pair of headlamps come on quite a way ahead of me on the oposite side of a dual carriage way,

Never thought anything of it untill 15 miles down the road when i got pulled by the nice officer :huh: He said he'd seen me coming towards him and had to do a 30 mile trip to catch up with me :o for some reason i think he must of been bored :rolleyes:

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^^^^^^^^^^^^My opinion of you has just dropped hugely! :lol:

Kitt lights!!! really there s**t

Mine to :lol:

And mine!! :P

And even stranger............your dodgy past has not prevented you becoming a super mod! :whistling: There is hope for everyone! :lol:

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