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Hi all

steering on my 2005 250SE is making an uncomfortable knock when near full lock driving backwards or forwards. I've read the various issues about tyre chatter from cold, but this is happening when the tyres are warm as well. If it was an old BMC mini, I would have said it was the CV joints - but unless I'm much mistaken, the IS doesn't have them :whistling: .

Just to top it off the clocks have started 'ratcheting' when the needles sweep. :crying:

Any ideas greatly appreciated, or does anyone have details of the chassis numbers affected by the steering recall??


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1. The steering failed on my 2006 IS220D.

2. Steering rack replaced.

3. Clunking noise at full lock forwards or backwards after new rack fitted.

4. Steering and caliper recall work carried out together with replacement of suspension bushes (too much play apparently) and two new front tyres.

5. All is now well.

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Had a look under the front this morning, and the front n/s steering balljoint gaiter is torn. I can't feel any play in it with the car jacked up, but it might only be apparent under load. Got it booked in at dealers for next monday.

Will keep you posted on developments.


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I have a similar problem, when moving the steering you hear a "clunking" noise doesn't very nice.

Including that I have also experienced:

-A lot of play in the steering

-The car doesn't drive as nice, when on the motorway I dont feel in control, while switching lanes the steering is awful (like a car on a windy day, without the wind)

Went in once to Lexus Leicester, they claimed they taken it for a test drive and found it to be the tyre pressure. Got the car back, still the same problem. Went again the on friday, I insisted that I will accompany them during the test drive and only then the problem was noted. (Wasn't to happy about having to go back and sort this issue out). gonna be booked in some time this week.

-Steering rack, rear brakes caliper recall has already been done and yet the problem still exists.

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