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Well My Is Is Missing Something Here....


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hey guys as a newbie im not sure if the following supposed to be in my car:

the car works fine no trouble except fog light indicator light on dashboard :(

i went over a pot hole not so long ago and the light started to wokr....weird....then after a few days it stopped working again.

so naturally i though it must be the fuse somewhere. i didnt know which fuse it is so downloaded a fuse and relay diagrams.

i looked into the fuse and relay bays in my car and discovered that a few things not there as follows:



3) ABS2 7.5A FUSE

4) something that is called H-LP LVL

and a few other bits that have no labels (guess not used in this model)

check the attachments for info......

if any of you here are pros at this shed some light please if im in a pickle here :(

much appreciated...




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Them relays arent meant to be there, there from the IS300 i *think*

as for the light it sounds like a loose connection at the back of it rather than anything else.

but my question is why do you have the fogs on so much? please dont tel me you tootle around with your front fogs on!

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not always....only during the night hahaha...just kidding.

ok so im not missing anything then i guess. i did think that fuel pump relay was probably for is300, as otherwise my car would feel wrong lol.

what is the DIMMER RELAY for? my dims are ok :)

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