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Back Again For Another 4 Hours !


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Well Im back sat in this office like last night, why? to fund my 180 driving course I have to go on lol

This time im prepared couple of magazines, and im on the first floor, which normally sits 500 people, and guess what Im on my own !!

i think im supposed to be downstairs were all the noise is and where the only manager is, but "no one told me" lol

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haha was tempted but the sercurity guard will coming on shift at 9pm, he may move me, or not hopefully not taken 2 calls in the last 40 minute which aint bad.

I took a total of 10 calls last night within 4 hours lol lovin it, normally you take about 10 duing the day in like 30 mins lol

**** spotted a manager hes going to move me

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You could always have a go at the "Office Chair Bob Sled". It normally ends in tears and slight blood shed, but time soon passes in A&E and think what you could write in the accident book.


very tempting but then no point being here in the first place for overtime lol

Have you checked all the draws of your collegues??

all locked unfourtunally, sercurity guard been round and he does not seem bothered, just a interested article on how the government is putting pressure on ISP to cut connections from illegal file sharers, this night is becoming more knowledgable.

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yh 24 hour emergency line, work for Homeserve, home emergencies like water leaks, gas boiler breakdowns, this call centre has never been shut since 1994 lol,

work on christmas day aswell well there ask for volunteers at 15 per hour

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yeah i normally work 40 hours per week 8-5 and its very busy about 100 calls per day,

i would do this every night, but 60 miles round trip its not worth it to do the trip twice a day,

there dont seem to ovetime ater 5pm, untill 8pm, thats when there need people, so cant sit around for 3 hours, and if i went home at 5pm would get home at 6pm, and then have to set off again 7 to get back for 8pm lol

must say i am starting to enjoy the 4 hours, so might be back tomorrow night aswell

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