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What You Guys Think Of Modifying The Is200

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Hi everyone as some of you may know iv only had my is200 se of a short period of time and was wondering what kinda mod's people have done to there's? Iam not into huge mods just sutle little one's, i would consider a turbo or super charger. But thats a completely different question. :winky:

Like iam considering changning the grill as mine is the standard sliver one. I would like to tint the back windows to a shade of grey so there a close match the gun metal colour. Thats were iam thinking of starting. I would like a complete stainless steal exhsaust on it but not yet, maybe a sutle body kit. Just a few idea's for now as going to get use to driving it first.

So what mod's do you guys and girls have?

Pic's would be helpful too. On the subject of pictures how do you put them on here? Straight from the pc or do you use photobucket like the mr2oc use to?

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Welcome to LOC :)

Sport grille and tints sound like a good place to start........superchargers are very rare so might have to pay a high price to get one (although Stav's got his for same at the mo for a very good price)

Yep easiest way to put pics up is to host them on something like photobucket and then link them here........

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welcome matey!!!!!!!

the mods i've done to date will appear at the bottom of this message dude youll find pics of the members cars in all the diff topics on loc! A lot of stunning cars on here mate!!!

your going to love the lex mate you really will!! :winky:

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