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Coilover Suspension Comparson


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Ok here's the situation. I'm currently using the TRD suskit (the yellow set) and i love how the car handles. However i busted up the front driver side on an pothole :tsktsk: a few weeks back. I didn't realise the damage until my last checkup so now it has been bleeding for a while. Needless to say I'm in the market for a new set

1st choice was to just pic up another set but that has to be shipped from japan and could cost close to 3000 US. :sick: so i'm willing to entertain cheaper :winky: options

Now i'm looking for the same level of performance of the trd set, comfort is not really an issue cause i'm used to the stiff ride

i found these

Does TTE have anything that's a viable substitute?

Haven't considered Tein cause i read a few reviews and heard a few nightmare stories, but i'm still open to hearing other's experience with them

Advice/opinions welcomed

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If money wasnt an object I'd go for HSD coils from Driftworks. Think there about £700.

Dont know anybody with them on an IS but heard nothing but good things about them on a few peoples 200SX's/Silvia's.

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Yeah Driftworks are the UK distributor of these, great service too if they're in stock, mine arrived at the garage around 8am, by the time I'd gotten up and gotten to the garage they were installed and ready!

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