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Turtle Liquid Iced Clay

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I Brought a bottle of this from halfors yesterday for £15, has anyone used this before what are the results like? will be using it sometime this week or at the weekend along with some other bits and an orbitor we got as well so when we get round to the polish i'll stick some pictures up

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yeah it was from halfords but it was a birthday present for a mate, are they really no good then? whats the down points with them? and what way should we go?

yes mate they are really crap - they have no power to remove any swirls or marks at all, and the cloth bonnet u get doesnt have any "cut" to do anything also. They only thing they are good for is to buff off polish residue, but if u apply any pressure the motor stalls.

If you want a cheap but effective polisher then have a look for a kestrel polisher which has recieved good reports - u get kits which include everything u need to get started but u need to see how far u want to go - if u just want a bit of a shine then u are prob better off using Autoglym resin polish, if u want to remove the swirls and marks in the paint get a decent polisher and really restore the shine! the polisher alone is about £85 but with polish and the required pads is about 130 to 145 depending on the pad/polish combination.

At the end of the day all depends what u want to do, but the Halfords polishers are really not worth the cash u paid.

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