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Got A New Bike. Cbr 600


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Well popped down to my local bike garage and they had a nice looking 2001 Honda CBR 600F sitting there, been dropped on one side so had cracked fairing, but crash bungs had done well at keeping it reasonably ok. Just been serviced and MOT'd with only 9000 miles on the clock.

So went home and found out the asking price was crazy low, researched about the bikes and finding out there pretty built proof went back down and took for a test ride, all seem'd good so offered a little under the asking price and we sorted out a deal. So this saturday went and picked it up.

Only thing is I picked it up so cheap that I could sell it on and make a tidy profit, but 1 mate just passed his bike test this morning and anothers got his next week so could have a summer of laughs on it.

Im very much torn. So basically sell CBR600 and make a tidy profit or sell scooter and have a good summer but still owe my dad a stack of cash (as he fronted the money) LoL

Heres a pretty poor little photo of her


After a good blat today I am starting to like it even more :( LoL

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