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Hi there people! Just picked myself up a 97 GS300 sport and thought i would join up,the names Daz and i live in the isle of man

Been into sports cars a while now and coming from a DC2 Integra Type R and a Celica GT4 before that to my big GS is quite from 1 extreme to another!

Anyway thats me!

And youll have to excuse the dodgy badge on the grille! It was on there when i got it which i have now proceeded to take off, Was thinkin of along the lines of gold badges.

What you guys reckon?

Cheers! :D





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Welcome to the club mate, are there many of these on the island?

Have to admit personally I'm not a fan of gold emblems but if you like it then go for it!

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Very highly unlikely there are any more on the island, i like to have cars that are a little bit different,some might say im special,special needs that is! :lol:

And next question,any idea where i can source some badges please?

And thanks for the welcome :)

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Which ones are you after mate?

If it's the chrome ones I can get you that info, as for the gold ones, they're harder to get, shame actually as someone just sold some the other day on here for under £20!

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If you want to go down the Chrome route then it would be:


75311‑30270 JZS147 1 € 17.18

90164‑30006 *** STD. PART 2 € 0.85

Looking at the ToyoDIY site though it looks like the rear emblem may have a locating pin so might not be as easy as just getting that stick on eBay kit?

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Welome to the LOC.

Very nice GS

A motoring magazine bought an ex I.O.M police car ( I think it was a Ford Mondano in green) and did it up recently, it didn't ever pull you over did it!

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