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Part Numbers For Washer Jets

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Triple Jets

85381-53050-A1 Super White 040

85381-53050-B0 Platinum Ice 1C0

85381-53050-B1 Granite Sky 1C6

85381-53050-C0 Black 202

85381-53050-D1 Scarlatti Red 3P0

85381-53050-F0 Yellow 576

85381-53050-F1 Gold Met 585

85381-53050-G1 Green 6R4

85381-53050-J1 Dk Blue 8N8

Fan Jets

85381-53070-A0 White 040

85381-53070-A1 Pearl White 062

85381-53070-B0 Platinum Ice 1C0

85381-53070-B1 Granite Sky 1C6

85381-53070-C0 Black 202

85381-53070-D0 Scarlatti Red 3P0

85381-53070-E0 Beige Met 4R4

85381-53070-G0 Green 6R4

85381-53070-J0 Grayish Blue 8N6

85381-53070-J1 Dk Blue 8P4

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Cheers for that chris. I phoned Toyota again this morning about the black, fan type windscreen washers and they swear they have ordered the right part (L85381-53050-C0). I did tell them to double check it's not 85381-53070-C0. They said something like the part number has been changed a few times depending on the model Year and according to my reg number the fan type washers are L85381-53050-C0. I already told them that im not liable to pay anything if they order the wrong part and they even said if it's the wrong type it can't be sent back and they may not order it again (wtf?!?). I hope they have got the right part number..will see next wednesday when it gets here. Toyota also said that the diagram is of the trianglar nozzle.

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Is there another dealer you could buy these from? The fan type jets part no. end in 53070 not 50.

Maybe you could order these from they do LOC discount.

How much are you paying for these if you don't mind sharing? I bought a set of fan type washer jets from Lexus Leeds for £23 last month. As said in your other thread, the fan type washers were fitted to 1st gen IS from August 2003 until production ended in 2005.

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They are charging me £14.24+VAT each. If they get it wrong then i will order them from elsewhere, like mentioned lexusparts. The place i ordered from are the nearest, they are toyota motorline, which are bascially lexus as thats where all lexus's are serviced. I've got a feeling i will be ordering these from lexusparts anyway lol...but i will give them a benefit of a doubt until the parts arrive, but ofcourse i have more faith with you guys.

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If your dealer is going to order 85381-53050-C0 you will end up with triple type washer jets, not fan type ones.

Go back to your dealer and insist you want the windscreen washer jets fitted to a 2005 IS200, tell them to ignore the fact that you have a 2001 model IS200. Can you cancel this order with your dealer? As I said, order the parts from They do next day delivery (if you order before 12 noon)- free delivery as well. supplied my front discs and pads.

Personally, I would cancel this order with your dealer and order from just give them the part no on the parts enquiry form on their website. Don't want you to end up with the incorrect part, which I am certain your dealer will supply you with.

If want further proof, here's confirmation (email extract) that 53070 is the part no. for the fan type washers:

"Dear Mr xxxxxx

Thank you for your enquiry.

The part number you have quoted (85381-53070-C0) is for Models manufactured after 2003/ 08 and is Astral Black 202, we are able to offer a discount to members of the Lexus Owners Club ( please quote membership number).

To take advantage of you Lexus Owners Discount either submit another online enquiry which we will convert to an order, or call 01793889532 with your card deails, and we will process it manually.

Price £23.37

Kind regards

John Davidson"

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Right, i've told them (Toyota motorline) to ignore the fact what it says on their screen and order the 53070-C0 instead (black fan type washer). If it's wrong, you lot can put together the money and share the 2 screenwashers between yourselves LOL. Cheers for the quick replies guys!

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interesting they don't do 051 coloured washer jets......

Which ones are these mate?

pearlescent white - different to the 062 pearl white mentioned in the original post

interesting they don't do 051 coloured washer jets......

Think you may find 051 was dropped before triple jets started to be fitted

yea, i guess.

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just done as kam said. rung and ordered from them. with the gold discount it worked out as £23.38. think mine was a penny more. lol

he knew exactly what i was talking about and didnt order the ones for my car he ordered for a later model. top guy!! said they will be here by next wednesday.

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