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Altezza Rear Diff Fitted With Trd 4.5 Final Drive Kit

Robin H

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I'm looking to find some extra funds so thinking of selling my TRD final drive kit

For sale:

Altezza (Torsen, LSD) Rear Diff Fitted With TRD 4.5 Final Drive Kit

Item Condition:

1 year old in very good working order

Price and price conditions:


Extra Info:

The kit is a TRD 4.5 final drive and the diff has also had a new main bearing fitted at the same time so it's all good.

This will fit the IS200 as the cars share the same rear diff

I'm leaving the final drive kit in the diff as this will make it much easier to fit to the car as it will just mean swapping the 2 diffs over.

I'm not looking to swap diffs as part of the sale as I have another 1 ready to fit

I've had the kit fitted for about a year now and has made the car so much fun, much quicker on the up take increased low down torque and has also made the back end fun when required if you get my drift no pun intended

the kit was £550 and the bearing about £95

The diff has now been removed from the car

I also have 2 Altezza drive shafts, both cv joint are free and easy and the boots are in good condition.


This is not a picture of the actual kit but shows what parts are used


Diff now removed from car




Contact Details:

please pm if interested



Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:

The diff is heavy so it will be sent with interlink to any address given

delivery costs is £20 (will need to check weight once all packaged up)

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Up dated original post

i would offer you £325 for the kit. was going to buy the is200 sport diff but its costing £225.

I think that will be just for the crown wheel and pinion, not a complete diff

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I'm sure this will fit in the IS200, but please feel free to ask about the forum for a 2nd opinion, maybe ask some of the other experianced tuners

as far as I'm aware the Altezza and the IS share the same transmission and back axle set up, but with different diffs on different models Auto's, manuals ect, all the diff housing are the same just the internal workings are changed, I'm not sure if there's any difference's between the drive shafts but I can't see why.

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ok... hey dude is this still up for sale... i will check about the forum to see if this will fit my lexus... its for a manual????

if it will def fit my lexus and the money is right and the diff is in perfect working order.. i.e i buy it and it works or there is no faults.... too many bad experiences have made me weary of buying mechanical parts.... sorry if that seems a bit rude

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