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My New Car...


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Hi Guys,

as you might have seen back in Jan, I was (again) contemplating coming back to Lexus ownership...

However, after a 911, S3 and Elise R I wasn't sure a IS250 was exactly what i was looking for :whistling: (and the IS-F being out of budget..)

so this is what i ended up with:



Its the 'M' Roadster... so has the 343bhp engine from the last M3... and its fairly rapid :winky:


Though yes, now im a BMW driver... sorry! :tomato:

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Very nice mate, had a go in one of these when my bro got one as a courtesy car (exactly the same colour too :) )

Was a lot of fun, and so raw compared to his 3ltr...........only thing that was weird was that the 3ltr felt like it had more torque low down, but once the revs were up it was mental!

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yeah, i originally looked at the 3 litre... but it just felt far too smooth and civilised for my taste - the M felt much faster and much more raw...

perfect for me then! ;)

Yeah definitely so, plus the M is so much more comfortable than the 3ltr!

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Nice motor matey B) Hope you have some nice weather now to enjoy some roof down antics :D

yep, had it down all weekend :D was out playing with some mates with a V8 Vantage and TVR tamora.... to be honest it was an aural feast..

Superb Beast!! :D

Well Done. How do you find the ride and comfort?

perfectly fantastic, did guilford and back the other week and was very impressed - on really bad surfaces it gets bumpy, but other than that no worse than my A4 in all honesty!

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