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Battery Change

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Been about a month now, starting up seem sluggish and car seems less responsive than usual, so decided to get a new Battery. Got one for £58.73 (cheaper than halfrauds) from Toyota garage. Just now it took 5 turns to start, so i've decided it's best to change it now. Replaced the 7yr+old with new and started car, no problem. Lights on the dash seem brighter than usual and idle was really low (car is warm, just driven 13 miles), usual it's at the second line (800rpm?), but it was hovering at the first line (500rpm?) is this normal because the ECU still has to "learn"? Ofcourse i had to set the radio channels (all 2 of them lol) and lost the trip meter, but apart from that anything else i will encounter with a Battery change? Oh and how long does the ecu take to "learn" my driving style? I drive like an old granny on a sunday lol

**notes** Old Battery fluid level was half way between max and min, not sure if that would have made any difference. Now it will be kept in the garage for emergency use.

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Just recently i noticed that my Battery was running low so I put my Battery on charge overnight and put it back in the car the next morning,battery seems a lot better and everything is working fine apart from the fuel gauge which has stopped working,the needle doesn't even move and the low fuel light flashes after about 30 seconds of the car starting.

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I couldnt see how that would affect the car unless the Battery was left to charge continuously without any cut off point - which may have resulted in a blown capacitor or resistor etc somewhere along the lines, which is sending some crazy signals over the place.

That sounds like quite a wierd problem.

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