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Can It Get Any Better?

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Well I was so impressed with my is200 when I bought it a fortnight ago I didn't think it could get any better, had a few niggles to sort out but didn't think it could possibly improve anymore, first job a new set of tyres, secondly sort out that knocking on the rear, I was sure it was the shock and after reading on here it's a comman problem I bit the bullet and ordered a full set of kyb's..... am I glad I did!! WOW what a difference, It turns out one of the fronts were shot also, next job....geometry, Wim's is a good 2 1/2 hr drive away so I thought about asking for the settings and getting it done localy but after reading a few posts on here of some halfwits still getting it wrong despite having the Wim settings passed on I've decided to make the trip to the experts so i'm booked in for next week and I can't wait :D

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It's cos at WIM its a full geo not just 4 wheel alignment and they have the very few machines in the whole country that does this, and without having a monkey behind it to operate it. I felt a huge difference just after a geo and rear stut bar. Next time i'll be there, i'll be having coilovers and ARBs install (once i can souce them). You're love it, trust us!

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As said above, it is THE best thing you can do for the handling of the car. You can buy all the best gear, fit it and if the Geo is wrong you have wasted a load of money.

You will be smiling all the way home, the WIM guarantee :D

p.s Tony if you use that I want some dosh :lol:

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would love mine done as well but im not sure if anyone in scotland does it,,,,

is all the Wim settings the same for the is200 or can they change from car to car

There is one set of settings for the IS200, and you can get them from WIM for someone else to do it. The trouble is, you need both someone with the right sort of equipment (WIM have a very advanced machine for this) *and* someone who really knows what they're doing to (one of the items that needs adjusting on the IS200 is not directly adjustable, but can be indirectly adjusted).

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