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Hi everyone, im Mike . I have a Supra Mk4 2JZ which i am currently about to start (already started) a V8 swap from my Lexus LS400 (91 1UZ).

Reason why i have joined, is i have had terrible problems locating the engine sump from a SC400 (all thats left to get the engine in properly!!) I was hoping someone on this knowledge base could help me ??

I know its bad that im just using the engine and box and the rest of the car is near mint - so i would also be up for any offers on parts etc.

I know this sounds like a trader thread but it isnt. Anyway, nice to meet you all, i have owned a RX7 Type R TT, 300ZX TT, 300ZX NA, Honda Integra TypeR, :offtopic: i won the Clubman class UKD1 Snetterton round in my GTR32 skyline too, a WRX Impreza, 6 mr2 turbos, and non turbos +_a hell of a lot more - and i have to say (after seriously blowing the hell out of ones trumpet) the LS is the finest Lux car i have ever driven. Im not really into luxury, more race stuff, but when i picked it up and drove home i loved every minute of it !!!

Mucho respect to you guys.

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