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Headlight Adjustment Motor

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The other week after getting my car back from the garage I discovered that there was a plug that was unused in the engine bay behind the drivers side headlight but noticed that it was coming from the headlight wiring loom. Upon further investigation I couldnt figure out what it was for but come mot time and when I was checking my headlights I noticed that my drivers side headlight wasnt adjusting so thats when it clicked to me that it was for the adjustment motor. I had another look at the headlight which was bought to replace the one that the bodyshop damaged and noticed that it hasnt got an adjusment motor attached to it so was just wondering, can I remove the motor off the original broken headlight and attach it to this one?

Has anyone done this, if so how do I go about it? Is it just a simple case of twist to unlock and pull it out like with bulbs?

Also, condsidering the headlight was apparently off a 03 or 53 plate car IIRC why aint it got a motor on it anyway? It looks like manual adjustment

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when u get a headlight it doesnt have the motor on - the body shop didnt fit it back to the headlight. cant remember how to remove/fit them but there is a twist and pull like the bulbs involved - its really easy tho whatever is involved.

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