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Big Horn Speakers.....gone!

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I'm sure all my Fan club (Hah! :whistling: ) will be shocked to know that I've sold the famous speakers. Now back to good old classics for a while (Leak Sandwich; Snell C111s; Townshend Glastonburys). All of which are good, but not a patch on that BIG sound!

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They look seriously expensive...

My Monitor Audio S5s are plenty good enough for me, and they look classy too so the missus doesn't mind having floor-standers in the living room!! ;)

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They are (were :crybaby: ) Avantgarde Duos. Fantastic horn speakers (though you should see the TRIO!!) The bass box has built-in amp, 250 watts per.

BUT, they need NO power (hardly) to run.Can run on 8 watss, LOUD!!

Horn speakers are VERY efficient, as well as very dynamic and after you've heard horns, most others sound..... well, boxed in, I guess!

I'm -next - going for a single unit, full-range speaker, based on 50s speaker technology (Which was pretty advanced, believe it or not!)

I'd love to try a Feastrex unit, but they, (made with paper made by a sixth generation, Japanese paper master), can cost $69000 a pair, without boxes!

Right now, I'm rebuilding my old Hafler DH 101/200 amps and using Leak Sandwich speakers! A REAL retro system!

Hi-fi - and music, coming from 60s Liverpool - a life's interest!!!

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Cant believe you've sold them Chris :o Always remember having a read up on them, after i'd read one of your posts about your setup and was quite facinated by the horns :D

Quite suprising how the horns seem to find the hidden music compared to standard boxed units and the clarity makes you tingle :D Will look forward to what you have next :D

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