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Clean You Headlights!

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Well, I was busy getting the Lex ready for a show today, and I noticed just how unclear my headlights were. I did a mini detail on them. Heres the report.

As you can see from the photo below, the headlight is very hazey and un-clear.


I started by using a mild clay bar and lube to smoothen the surface a bit. As you can see by the colour of the clay bar, it was needed!





After this, I proceeded to give it 3 coats of Meguiars Plast-X and a coat of AG SRP.


Then buffed it off to leave me with the end result...MUCH clearer headlights!


From this


This is a very quick and easy process, and as you can see from the results, works a treat! :-)

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Nice job, I know people use Brasso on their headlights, but didn't realise you could use the same polishes as the body on them to bring them up. Slightly random question, but then could you use some kind of wax on top to protect the surface or would that not actually work as it's plastic?

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my headlights are in desperate need of a polish but does brasso bring them up looking the same as the technique u used mate? I've seen the people on detailing world use the mad technique of sandpaper etc and which is really severe but makes them look new but I doubt I'll be trying that lol.

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I've been doing that also since I buy my car. Just a quick tip for you guys in cleaning your headlights. The fix is really easy and takes 15 minutes and 4 dollars worth of cleaner available at any auto parts store.Use rubber gloves to keep the polish out from under your fingernails.Do all of the lights in the cluster (parking and turn signals).

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