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Girlfriend And My Lexi Had A Slight Tiff With The Side Of A Bus :(

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Hi guys

Was waiting at home for my girlfriend the other night when I had a teary phone call telling me she had scratched my bumper. I asked her which one as I wasn't bothered about the front one cos its needs respraying due to flaky paint. Turns out it was the front one so I said don't worry. Then she said se had clipped a bus about 1/2 a mile away and the bus had stopped so me and my dad jumped in his car to go and sort it out. Got there and the driver was polish (lol sign of the times) but to be fair was nice enough. Basically my gf was turning into a side street as the bus was coming out and the side of the bus kissed the front drivers side corner of my bumper.Pretty much joint responsibility so Im not bothering claiming and stuff cos I'd lose all my o claims. But did get the bus' details. Had a good look at it, and i looks as though the bumper has pushed back a few mm but also pushed the front edge of the wing in a bit making a slight crease. To be be honest you can't tell from a yard to so away so not that urgent especially cos Im half way through buying a house. I've got some money put aside (~500 quid) so il just get it done when I have time. Do you reckon it would be cheaper and better to get a second hand wing either in the right colour and get it sprayed than trying to get the crease removed. Il get the bumper sprayed the same time then.

How much would you think to respray bumper (including removing flaky paint) and potentially a wing. I can do the fitting so don't need to worry about labour charges for removal and refitting. Also, do Lexus dealers do repair work. I know they would contract the work out, but can you book it through them? I know it would be more, but I could get a 250 for a week which would be

Anyone got a Plat ice drivers wing hanging round? Or another colour if needs be.

Cheers Gazza

PS I wasn't p***ed off with my girlfriend, was just an accident and the bumper needed doing anyway and yes she still drives it,lol. Although Im looking forward to getting some erm, compensation off her,lol.

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Yep Lexus dealers do bodywork, I've always had paintwork done at Lexus, but make sure you know where the car is going before you agree to it. My dealer has it's own bodyshop so I know exactly where it's going, and if there's a problem I can take it up with the dealer. If it subcontract work, often they'll say to take it up with the bodyshop which can be a little more difficult to resolve.

Not sure about the courtesy car, this one always gives me another Lexus (usually an IS250) but the one I get is a bodyshop car, not one of the dealership cars. Therefore if it's not a Lexus bodyshop, not sure if you'll get a Lexus even if you book through them. (Having dealt with another dealership in the past, also with their own bodyshop, they gave me a Yaris)

I've had a bumper done before, and it was around £200-250 for the labour I think. As for the wing I'd let them have a look at it first, yes it might be easier to get hold of a second hand wing and have it painted.

Well done for being so calm about it, I'm sure when it's all sprayed up it'll look as good as new.

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I had my front bumper and wing sprayed recently after someone hit me and it was £320, a decent bodyshop should be able to get the crease out aswell so i'd get a couple of quotes for repairs aswell.

At the end of the day it's only a car as long as no ones hurt that's the main thing, good luck with it fella.

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