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Hids On A Peugeot 306

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Does anyone know how easy it is to fit HIDs (i.e. a proper kit with ballasts, not just HID-alike bulbs) on a Peugeot 306 ?

I may be helping a friend out with this. I've already checked and it looks like it takes H7 bulbs, so kits are in theory available. I can have a look under the bonnet to check how easy it is to take bulbs out etc, but wondered if anyone has either got one of these already or had one in the past.

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Generally its only as hard as changing the headlight bulb. I searched for that and got:

Q: How do change peugeot 306 headlight?

A: I have recently changed one of mine. All you have to do is lift up the bonnet and where the headlights are go behind them and there will be a simple hinged cap that u can simply pull open. Inside there will be a clip, remove that and out pops the headlight!

Doesnt look too hard a job.


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Thanks. Maybe I should have Google'd that myself :blush: . Thanks though.

Actually I did some Googling specifically on HIDs on the 306, and couldn't find that much, mainly people just putting upgraded bulbs (not proper HIDs) into their cars, so I wondered if there was any kind of issue, or just perhaps not a car that gets modified much ?

My friend finds it really difficult driving at night with it, so HIDs should help. Although I'm going to check the headlights aren't just badly aligned.

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