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Calcium Battery


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It'll be cheaper to get an OEM replacement battery from Toyota/Lexus, try calling them for a price :winky:

Whether you buy from Halfords or Lexus or anywhere else, the Calcium batteries are better. You will find that they normally have 4 year warranty against 3 years on lead acid batteries.

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my batt doesnt hold charge so am getting a new one halfords has one for round £82 its a bit expensive it says on the labe its a calcium battery what does that mean its better then the other ones or doesnt it matter which one i get

Some batteries are now gel filled to reduce evaporation and stop the need for topping up. They are described as "sealed" though they are still vented. They are not much different chemically from wet batteries but the antimony in the lead plates is replaced by calcium to reduce gassing. They are often referred to as a lead-calcium batteries.

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