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Have a minor and intermittent problem with the sensor on the front passenger side.

Over the last couple of weeks on maybe three occasions the system has emitted a continuous tone and the screen has displayed as if there was an obstruction to that side of the car.

I examined and cleaned the sensor thoroughly after this happened on the first occasion (it was by no means dirty.)

I have a feeling that this might be a problem that will get worse and just wondered if there was anything else I could do before taking it to Lexus?

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I had a parking sensor go on the front of mone not so long ago. Apparently, they don't have to look damaged to be damaged. If someone has knocked it in a car park without you knowing, then this can cause it to go off. Replacement is the only way as I believe the sensors can't be repaired. Lexus should be able to sort one out that is the same colour as your car.


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Jim, Widnes

Thanks for the info.

Sensor has behaved perfectly since the problem last occurred on Sunday so keeping my fingers crossed that it won't need replacing.

Jim do you have any idea of the cost or was it covered under warranty with your car?

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My sensor was covered under warrenty. Come to think of it, I had a sensor go on the back just after I took delivery of the car and that was replaced under warrenty. I havn't payed for one but I don't think it could be much over £120. They just have to unplug it and plug in a new one so labour can't be too horiffic either.


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Cheaper to have wife/girlfriend out in rain shouting' Come on, ......more, ........NO!!!!!" at you? :whistling:

I remember in my much younger days helping my Mum with this. I was looking at somthing across the street at the time and remember saying "keep going, keep going, (CRUNCH!!!!!), Stop".

It's not often you hear your Mum say somthing rude.

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I have had a similar problem on one of my front sensors.

It started out with an intermittent single tone with a red sector displayed on the nav screen.

This became worse and I ended up with a continuous tone, only way to stop it was to switch off the system.

I tried cleaning the sensor but that made no difference.

Talking to a friendly mechanic he stated that it’s quite a common problem with painted sensors, moisture gets in

behind the paint layer and corrodes the face of the sensor.

The way to check is to feel the centre circle on the sensor it should be smooth.

The front offside corner one on my car looked and felt like hammerite paint.

A careful rubdown with some fine wet and dry, a clean and a quick paint touch up and the sensor is now working.

Apparently this only works if you catch it quickly enough. If the corrosion continues it will ruin the sensor completely.

As it wasn’t working anyway I had nothing to lose.


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