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Looking For My First Lexus


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Hi Everyone,

I am planning on getting my first Lexus next month and was hoping for a bit of advice.

I am looking a used approved IS220D SE or an SEL, probably on an 06 or 56 plate. My question is whilst all manufacturers are offering great discounts on new cars is there much room for negotiation on a used car from a Lexus dealer or are they generally inflexible on this.

Basically most of the models I have seen on the Lexus webiste are priced between £15K-£16.5K but I only want to spend £14.5K tops. Would I be wasting my time offering £14K for a used car the dealer is advertising at £16K.

Many thanks

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Welcome to LOC mate, a lot depends on the dealer to be honest and their current sales figures. I'm not sure whether you'll be able to get £2k off, but I'd do exactly the same thing!

At the end of the day the worst they can say is no, but no harm in going in there and saying you like the car, you want to do a deal but can only pay £14k - if they say no, just walk away as there's a good chance they'll call you back in a few days offering it to you at that price.

Also not sure how willing you are to travel but try to go to 3 or 4 dealers and play them off each other (given they all have the kind of car you're looking for) and use differences between them (mileage, etc) to get the price of the other car down.

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Hi and welcome to the LOC.

With the current market climate you would assume that the dealers would want to get a sale so would be willing to discount to do so but because it's the sale of new cars that is being hit the worst there is more demand for secondhand models especially at dealerships ( there have even been reported cases of main dealers buying used stock at auctions recently to supply the demand for used cars) So discounts may not be the dealers top priority.

Having said that a lot of Lexus dealers are having "sale weekends " and similar to get punters in ( now I sound like a motor car dealer!)

I would still have a good try though a 2K saving is your tax, insurance and servicing for a year!

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Thanks Guy's

As mentioned the worse they can say is no deal.

On another subject can you fit after market HID's to an SE model and if so what are the costs ?


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