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Hi guys,

New hear, and first post. I've checked out the rest of the forum and hope this is an ok place to discuss this..... Anyway, I'll get on with my question...

I have a 2005 IS250, very low mileage, and the only thing that is letting it down is that one door card has a rip in it. I'm not sure what sort of material it is, sort of the black bit just below where the window as... and it's not HIGHLY visible, but as i know its there it's a constant annoyance.

What i was wondering is can i just replace the blcak piece, or is it a full new door card that's required. I haven't had it into lexus, but I'm guessing that they will want an arm and a leg for the door card, which in the current climate I just can't afford.

I've also tried looking round some of the "spares" sites, and checked to see if anyone is breaking one on ebay, but to no avail.

Any ideas if i can just replace the black section or if i need a new door card? And if so, any ideas on the best place to get one?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and i hope someone can help :)

Also, if anyone is a member of the celica-club, I'm over on there too, same username.

Thanks guys and girls!

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no not by lexus, one of those guys who does stone chips scuffs alloys ect, did a good job if you didnt no where it was you would never no.

he took a mould of the pattern in the plastic then filled the area then pressed the mould over the repair to inprint the pattern wait for it to set then re-spray the whole panel,

he took the colour details from the info which is on the door pillar so he could get the correct colour, you can only tell if you run your fingers over the area

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