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No Power At All, Message Check Eng, Check Vsc.

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on 1st of March I was on automatic wash with my LS (of course with no engine clearing etc) as every one-two weeks.

From this time I had two days (first 1st of March, second - today 10th of March) with BIG trouble with engine :-( Between those 'faulty days' I did around 2000km with no troubles.

When trouble occurs:

1. Car has no power at all (engine runs on idle speed),

2. Engine doesn't react for acceleration pedal (if I depress or press to maximum except point 3 below) the RPM is around 1000 and not changing,

3. When I floor till kick-down is active (last 3-4cm from floor) then engine RPM goes up, but only to 2700RPM & no more and it has only 'some' power. After few seconds (max 10) power is lost again,

4. when problem occurs CHECK ENG and CHECK VSC are displayed plus red diode is shine.

It doesn't mutter if I stop engine, remove key, start it again - problem appears and e.g. after 4 or 15 minutes all back to normal.

I checked:

1. under hood - all cables are connected to its connectors

2. no any cable - TPS, MAF and rest are wet (they are dusty)

3. in roof right side (where mobile module is installed) there was some water. I removed it, all connectors were exsiccated with special spray)

Car has no any damage, no third party equipment was/is installed there - all cables are OEM.

I tried to find how acceleration is send to engine on diagrams - seems there is a special TPS connected via cable with pedal and via wire to ECU. I think this part can be fault, but why if car was dry problem not appears ?

Any comments/ideas will be valuable (except comments of my English :winky: )

Thank you,


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