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Energy Prices


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What's happened to energy prices recently? I know they went up (and then there have been recent cuts to bring everything back in line) but I had no idea by how much!

My parents just received their gas and electricity bills for the last quarter and it came to almost £1600! It's partly their fault for being busy and not really paying much attention to it, so they haven't switched suppliers but still that's a ridiculous increase!

First port of call is to figure out who the cheapest supplier is and switch asap, as a quick search on indicates that we could save a lot!

It makes you wonder how many other people around the country must be doing exactly the same thing - it's such a cunning ploy to put prices up and then introduce new plans with cheaper rates (rather than just cutting rates for everyone) so only those on the ball who keep switching suppliers will actually be paying the low prices, everyone else getting screwed!

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£1600 for one quarter! Of what the centery!?!

Yeah it's really bad, but from looking on comparison websites could knock at least a third off it by swapping suppliers..........

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