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Lexus Is F - Lighter Version

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I heard rumours of this before and now thery have re-surfaced, I think this is a fantastic idea, please see article below, also does anybody have any more info on this?

Lexus is reportedly working on a lighter and more powerful version of the IS-F performance sedan. According to a report on, citing Best Car, Lexus is already testing two prototype vehicles.

The high-performance IS-F would make slightly more power, with total output at around 430hp - up from 416hp. This would likely be through some minor changes in the exhaust and intake system - there is certainly no lack of potential in the 5.0-liter V8 powerplant.

The real changes would come in the weight and handling categories with carbon fiber body parts and some larger wheels and tires. The front and rear bumpers would be made of carbon fiber, as would wider fenders to house the new wheels and tires. The new wheels would be 19’s but would be slightly wider and likely lighter than the stock rollers and would be coated in 245/35/19 front and 275/30/19 rear rubber.

Carbon ceramic brakes are expected to be offered, to reduce both stopping distances and weight.

As for the interior, it would see carbon leather Recaro seats. Carbon fiber would also be used for the center console. In total, it is expected the weight reduction over the stock vehicle could be as much as 300 lbs.

The reports say the car could come with carbon parts exposed, but we doubt that from Lexus. We also doubt this model would ever make it stateside. If it did, however, the reported (read: rumored) cost would be close to the $100,000 mark for one of the 500 limited edition models.

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