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Got The Car Back Today And Not Happy

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Well after 7 weeks of waiting i finally got the car back from the bodyshop, and to say the least i am not best pleased.

The reglassed bonnet does not close properly so i am going to have to pin it to make it look ok, the roof they replaced they sprayed but anything other than that around the roof like little nicks and dents they didn't bother with, bolts from the headlights were missing and i had to ask for more to be put in and a rear tint is ruined. Basically they have done the bare minimum possible to do the repair and the guy had the cheek to chuck a strop when i told him the bonnet was gash and tell me to leave it and he'd get a standard one fitted. Well after 7 weeks i just took the car mainly because i am sick of waiting for it but also because i don't want my car in their care.

Think i will be complaining to the insurance over the quality of their bodyshops.

However so its not all one sided the spraying that was done (what little of it there is) was good and it matched well and the guy who glassed the bonnet wasn't really happy with it but i think he was following the party line.

So if you want my advice i would avoid Smith and Hughes in Nuneaton for work on anything thats imported or different, i really would not recommend them for anything.

I'll probably take it to Vidak in Nuneaton to sort it out properly i just hope they do a better job.

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Gutted for you mate,

I'd complain to the insurance company, take it to the garage of your choice and charge them

if i was you i would be on the phone to the insurance company striaght away


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You should have refused to accept it it when you went to collect it really mate, i'd get on the phone though and just keep calling until they agree to do something about it. Its a shame that we live in a world where lazy people don't do the job they're paid to do.

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