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Hi all,

I've had the car for around 6 months now and generally I'm really happy with it.

One thing that's puzzling me though is the behaviour of the accelerator.

What I would call normal behaviour is a healthy response of the engine as soon as the accelerator pedal is touched - I'm not talking about time lag here but rather the amount of depression required for any given amount of revs/power.

Half the time I get this healthy response but the other half it's different. This is how I'd describe it - It's as if the "zero" point of the pedal (ie without your foot on it) has moved to the half-way point. So, to get any response from the engine you need to push the pedal halfway down. After that it carries on accelerating normally. Only trouble is that you hit the floor too early but that doesn't worry me 'cos I'm a very gentle driver.

However, I'd like to understand what's going on here and hopefully fix it.

Has anyone had this happen or have any ideas.

Many thanks,


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I had a look at the pedal sensor but it looked ok. I then removed the multi-plug and replaced it, it also looked fine.

However, following this the problem has completely gone away.

I can only presume that there was a bad contact in the multi-plug. It's interesting that there are so many wires going to the pedal sensor!!

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i am having exactly the same problem and lexus teesside couldnt sort it - even charged £60 for exploratory work which isnt covered by warranty?

anyhow in order to try and solve the problem myself, how do you access the multiplug on the accelerator?

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