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The Jammed Key In Acc Position Strikes Again!


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I've just had the infamous (I think) ignition barrel jam!

Took the Altezza for a mot. It passed, but when the mot guy drove it out and parked, he turned the key to ACC and managed to take the key out... :angry:

Read some previous posts and have tried to tap the barrel housing with an alloy tap & rubber mallet.... no joy...

Phoned these guys up "" and the chap quoted £350!! and that is to come, take it out and repair...... :tsktsk: bliming heck! got this funny feeling that he's trying to rip me off... :blink:

Two questions I'm hoping for some help on...

1. Does anyone know where I can get the barrel repaired? Approx how much am I look at? (I'm in Hertfordshire, Welwyn Garden City)

2. I was wondering if the barrel the same on an Altezza & IS200? other than the Altezza doesn't have an immobiliser chip key?? If they are the same, I suppose I can go to Lexus to get an replacement.... posting some pictures of my barrel below so you can have a lookie...

Many Thanks

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go to toyota or lexus(both use the same parts)and get a new ignition barrel the part for the immob is a black box that attaches to the barrel so if your car has one you just swap it over!!if you order it using your chassis number the new barrel will fit your key!!and will prob be cheaper than £350.

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yes it is exactly the same....... when they jam it doesnt take long before the whole lock siezes solid. you can get a complete lock kit from lex/toyota for about 120 that is all the lock on the car and new keys.

u can get an ign lock for about 80 made to fit ur key for an IS as lex/toyota have the code but not sure on an import

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