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A/c Unit To Blue

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Didn't some people just switch the bulbs dodging the soldering part?

Thats what I was hoping. I had a look and it looked like the wires were twisted round the base, so I wasn't sure if it was just a case of untwisting them, cuttin the bottom part off the T5 LED and re-twisting the wires round the base. Anyone else changed their's?

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Some people have just changed the bulbs but you have to make sure the bulbs have a very wide angle etc.


What about using an LED strip and using that instead? Will that give off enough light and spread? If so, what do you solder the wires to? Is it just the connector on the board that the bulbs use? Thanks

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yes i did mine 3 weeks a go and you need to solder them in. looks good but when you do it make sure that you have wide leds for the clock as i did not and have to bright blue bulbs shining behind..... going to fix it next week. i work for toyota and sourced the bulbs and they dont have blue..... sorry

i brought some t5's and cut away the plastic to leave the bulb and resister then soldered them to the board. works well but the clock is bad so will get the solder out again soon.

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