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Gs 300 Mki Lower Ball Joint Replacement

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I'm getting a clonking noise from my front nearside wheel on slow speed turning and am guessing it's going to be ball joints as this is a common fault. Has anyone had these done recently and if so what was the fitted cost? I normally have work done at my local Toyota dealer rather than Lexus as the rate seems to be massively different.

I would be interested to know the fitted cost of lower ball joints and upper. From what I've read the lower joints are considerably cheaper than upper.

I would also be interested if anyone has done the lower joints themselves to find out how difficult it is? I guess keeping the alignment is a problem, is a geometry set-up definitely required after replacing the joints or can existing settings be kept by marking?

Thanks in advance,

GS Sport.

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There is no adjustment in the upper or lower balljoints. As long as the settings have always been good, they should be pretty much spot on after changing them. Although no reason not to do them to make sure.

The upper balljoint is part of the wish bone, hence the higher cost. easy enough to change though. Here is alink to the tutorial I did on mine. Clicky

Bottom ball joints are not difficult either, just more ball joints to split as you need to split the main ball joint and the track rod end.

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Thanks all.

I rang lexus this morning and got quoted £61.00 + vat per side for the parts. I've decided to give non-genuine parts a go from a local motor factor, £19.00 ea + vat. At a 3rd of the cost even if they only last a couple of years they seem to be a wise choice. For that money it's worth doing even if it isn't the cause of the clonking.

Thanks for the guide to the uppers, does anyone know of a guide for the lowers on the MkI?


GS Sport.

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